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Digital Position Indicators
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Digital position indicators are the clever and robust solution for those wishing to perform accurate and repeatable adjustment on machinery. The gears are connected to the counters hollow shaft. When the shaft is rotated, the digital count on the display is increased or decreased depending on the direction of the rotation. Essentially, they offer precision in motion.

Position indicators demonstrate two characteristics: a multi-digit display including comma position and fine reader for optimum precision. As well as a custom-designed gear, this “translates” the shaft revolutions into a clear analogue radial.

They have mechanical driving gears, which require zero maintenance and allow flexible configurations enabling them to adapt within most varying production environments. This is the most effective way to display numerical position values of a revolving shaft or axle.

Position indicators are flexible series-produced devices, which enable a variety of values to be displayed in addition to the standard values. Their easy mechanical mounting to an adjustment spindle renders these mechanical indicators retrofittable without problems.

Position counters are used in a wide variety of production environments. Whether in the metal, food, plastic or wood processing industries: Typical application are for guiding elements, material end stops or tools requires precise position indicators and are indispensable for roll adjustment in sheet bending machines.

Position indicators mounted directly to a rotating shaft give an easy to read display providing intelligent and accurate measurement solutions. Each indicator incorporates a geared wheel set and are available for horizontal or vertical mounting. The readout changes along the reading line as the shaft on which it is mounted rotates clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Key points:
• Quick, accurate & repeatable
• Robust construction
• Maintenance free
• Clear display and controllable
• Digits precisely aligned even at 99999
• Easily retrofitted
• Cost effective and versatile


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Digital position indicators
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